January 14, 2010

Vacation Knitting

I leave tomorrow for a little get away, hurray! This trip is long anticipated and greatly needed and I can hardly wait to get near the water.  But, what to pack?  No, I don’t mean clothes – that’s simple.  It’s my knitting that has me perplexed!  This is a chance to get away from it all and relax, which sounds simple unless you own your own business.  Every moment is spent working and it is very difficult to leave that behind.  I am trying but I fear that I MUST bring some work knitting if I am to make my deadlines.  SO, here I sit in my studio, having a stern talking to with myself and balls of yarn.  YOU, my Peacock Feather Shawl, you are most definitely in the bag.  I want to finish you! This is where I want to spend most of my quality knitting time this week.

But, there are also Dad’s socks (no picture, but imagine miles of chocolate brown sock worked on size 1 dpns.) those have to be finish before his birthday in February.  In the bag they go too.

I am also on a roll with my handspun Fidgit and it makes for good late night knitting – so I will stick that in too.  It only takes a small amount of room since it’s one skein…

Now we come to the work parts… the parts I would like to leave behind but can’t because, well if I do I will be behind.  There is the new shawl I have just finished designing for Brooks Farm Yarn, no pictures yet – I would hate to give away the surprise.  But, if I want to have this done before Stitches West I have to get a move on.  Three more skeins in the bag…

And there is the Entrelac Baby Blanket, moving along quite nicely – I would hate to lose momentum.  9 more skeins in the bag.

Do you see the folly? So far, in my bag for a one week vacation I have 15 skeins of yarn worth of knitting.  Now, I am fairly fast and pretty good at knitting, so a skein a day is not totally out of the question but TWO? Good Lord, I hope I have more to do than sit and knit the whole time I am gone.

Hmmm, what books shall I take?