October 6, 2012

The Pampered Chef Party

We had so much fun today with Shauna showing us the latest and greatest from Pampered Chef, but the fun isn’t over yet! There is still time to go to the website and place an order.  Just follow this link and fill in what you want.  We’ll close the party on October 14th so you have a bit of time to look it over.  I am totally sold on a Deep Covered Baker, flexible cutting mats and a new garlic press.  I also just saw that Pampered Chef offers a citrus peeler.  I had an old Tupperware one that I loved but it finally gave up the ghost a while back, it might be time to replace that too.

If you want to take a look at a catalog in person I have a few here still, so come on by! We can fill out orders for you here or you can go online to place your final selections.

Carina won the door prize, A Micro-Cooker.  Thank you to everyone who came by, sampled our fruit salad and chocolate cake and enjoyed a Yarn Crawl day with us at Knitting Fairy.  We appreciate you very much!