November 18, 2010

Return to “normal”

AND, we’re back! Yes, the studio is all put back together again and we are opening for business at 1pm today.  Regular Thursday night drop in class starts at 7pm and things are back to normal for this week.

Next week we will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving (no shocker there, I’m sure) but Friday Saturday and Sunday are going to be FUN! We are hosting a weekend long Stitchin’ at the Studio.  Fresh baked cookies, warm drinks and plenty of yarny goodness.  Come by anytime during studio hours – shop a bit or just seek refuge from the shopping crazies.

Did you know that Knitting Fairy offers Gift Certificates and Holiday Wish Lists? Next time you are in let us know what you would like to have added to your wish list and we will make sure it is ready for anyone who wants to pick you up a little fiber therapy for the holidays.