May 10, 2010

Plugging right along…

I had a fabulous day with my family for Mother’s Day, I hope you did too.  This week we are back to our regularly scheduled events, Drop-in Knitting on Thursday from 7-9pm and Stitchin’ at the Studio on Sunday from 1-4pm.  Details on these events can be found in earlier posts this month.

CounterspellWhat’s new? I have been chosen to design and teach a shawl especially for the Dallas Handknitters Guild.  This shawl will be lace with an option for beading and will be presented in 4 programs, September, October, November and December.  I will post more on the details of each program as the dates draw nearer but for now I am busy swatching and designing.  Eventually, this pattern will be released as a Knitting Fairy pattern both for yarns we carry and Brooks Farm Yarn so if you are NOT a member of the DHKG (and why aren’t you a member?!) then hang in there, you can get yours too- but not until 2011!

Other news… Knitting Fairy is pleased to be the sponsor of Stitch It! podcast for the month of May.  To enter to win you must donate to the podcast and your name will be entered into a drawing to win a shawl kit for our Counterspell shawl.  Meghan does a fantastic job, we love her and we know you will too! Give her a listen and enter to win!!!