January 7, 2011

New Year’s Projects

Christmas is over and the great push to get it all taken down and put away is on.  I got the studio finished yesterday (hurray!) and now to get to work on the house.  I am more in the mode of finishing things up than starting new and so I am working diligently on finishing my Ginny’s Cardigan.  Ginny’s Cardigan is a pattern by Medrith Glover and I will be leading the Handknitter’s Guild of North Central Texas through this project starting on January 25th.  It’s not too late to join us if you are interested, just drop me a line ( or give the studio a call to reserve your copy of the pattern.  I did order limited quantities, so call soon.

Beyond Ginny I am looking at a pile of unfinished socks.  I am looking forward to diving into that and seeing where I stand.

There are also some things that just can’t wait for me to get over my current spat of finishing.  My darling nephew, Holden, is in need of some mittens.  I made him three this week.  Yes, I made three and NO, Holden is not a mutant.  He has two hands, but like any one year old I figure he will loose his mittens so I made a spare.  When they are that tiny there is plenty of yarn on the ball and when it that cold he shouldn’t have to wait for his mad Auntie to get around to knitting another!  Now if he loses more than one we are going to have to talk…

I am also into quick, one skein projects and so my One Skein Wonders books are getting a heavy workout around the studio.  Everyone seems to be enjoying browsing through them and finding the perfect scarf, hat or quick set of fingerless mitts.  I know *I* want a new pair.  I noticed mine are a tad disreputable looking the other day.

What have you got going in the new year? Why not come by the studio and pick out something perfect to get you through these cold winter days?  We have some FABULOUS new yarns in.  Come play!