April 22, 2014

New Yarns!

Saturday brought 130 pounds of new yarns, some for spring and some for fall! This is a crazy, mixed-up year.

We have totally restocked our Cascade Sunseeker, Pinwheel and Ultra Pima after DFWFiberFest.
We have also restocked from Plymouth: Kudo, Jeannee, Colorando, from Classic Elite Chalet, Chateau. Seedling, Silky Alpaca Lace and from Universal Yarn Saki Silk, Saki Bamboo.

New yarns are arriving in droves this month, starting with Linen Concerto Gold Rush, Eros II and Cashmere Passion from Plymouth Yarns. I’ve already knitted a cowl of of Cashmere Passion and a breezy summer scarf out of Eros and Gold Rush held together. I’m going to put long fringe on it later today and it will be spectacular!

I’m expecting a shipment any day now from Made in America Yarns and Classic Elite and I’m meeting with more reps this week.