July 6, 2011

It’s here! Well… almost.

Tomorrow starts the big event, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek.  Ever wonder what might happen if yarn folks took over the world? Well, for my husband and his photography studio this dream (nightmare?) has come true!  Yes, we knocked out a few walls and filled it to the brim with yarny-goodness.
Studio take-over!

(ok, so we didn’t really KNOCK out walls… but we moved them)
There are more yarns for the yarn tasting in the boxes that came today… more boxes due tomorrow (hey, if it gets here before 6pm then it isn’t too late!) and tonight I am stuffing goody bags. (no sneak peek on those, sorry)

I am also told that Mr. John has been busily cooking brisket, pulled pork and German potato salad for Saturday… there are hot dogs and chips too and the desserts are beginning to arrive.  I might have accidentally dashed into the popcorn store for a treat too.  And, there will be cookies.  Yes, life is good!!!