November 1, 2012

Intro to plying class with Mary of Butterfly Girl Designs

  1. Intro to plying (wheel or yarn) – 3 hours – class limit 5

–          Beginner level – but must know how to spin a single with your drop spindle or wheel

–          This class will explore three different plying techniques:  a two-ply yarn, a Navajo plied yarn and plying with thread

–          Spindle spinners will need to bring a fairly heavy spindle to class to ply with.  I find a bottom whorl spindle with a point is best because you can rest it on the ground while you are plying, but a top whorl works just as well.  If you don’t have a heavy spindle, don’t feel like you have to buy one for class.  Bring what you have and I should have some available that you can use during class if you need to (both top and bottom whorls)

–          Class prep:

  • Student will need to bring 4 approximately fingering to dk weight singles that they have spun to class.  The singles should have a fair amount of twist in them (You don’t want them spun so tight that they are a gnarled mess, but you want enough twist so that your yarn doesn’t drift apart while plying).
  •  A kit with enough fiber for the 4 singles will be provided for an additional fee.  Be sure to pick up your kit a couple of weeks before class so that you have time to spin the singles.
  • Student will need to have enough empty bobbins or spindles or be able to quickly wind off or skein completed yarns.  Student will need to bring lazy kate or have two containers to hold the singles that we will be plying (We will have some lazy kates available, but if you have one, please bring it as we may not have enough for the whole class).   Spindle spun yarn should be wound off onto toilet paper tubes or into balls. Student will also need to bring a heavy weight thread/lace weight yarn (no sewing or serger thread) to class to use to ply.
  • If you have a niddy noddy, please bring it to class.  We will have some available if you don’t have one.
  • Please don’t let the instructions scare you off from the class.  You will be able to work with what you have spun and have some fabulous yarns at the end of class.

– Sunday, December 16th, 2012  1-4pm

–          Cost $30

–          Kit fee $20:  (includes 8 ounces of fiber) I strongly encourage students to purchase the kit.  If students do not purchase the kit, then they will need to spin:  two contrasting color singles (can be in same color family, but colors should be far enough apart to be easily distinguishable – example light brown and dark brown would be fine), one single with distinct color runs, and one single whatever color you want.  Each single should be approximately 2 ounces of fiber.