December 19, 2013

Gifts Galore!

One week to go, are you ready? I know I am not – to help you on your way to holiday peace here are a few of the quick gift items you can find at Knitting Fairy for everyone on your list:

Pottery from Ms. Sony at Knitting Lagniappe, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big soup mug, a small tea mug, apple baker, brie plate or berry bowl – Ms. Sony has made it and WE HAVE IT!  Nothing beats a nice hot bowl of homemade soup in a handmade bowl. YUM!

Handmade jewelry and shawl pins by Misty at Knitting Lagniappe – something unique for every lady on your list.

Hand dyed, Hand felted pincushions by Barbara Moore, perfect for any crafter.

Hand Knitted Ruffle Scarves by Susan Shanks.  Need a quick gift? This is perfect!  You don’t even have to tell them you didn’t make it yourself, we’ll keep your secret.

Don’t forget your bottles of soak to include with every hand-knitted gift you give.  You took the time to make it, help them take care of it properly.  Sample packets are just $1.10 each!, Small bottles are $10.95 and the big bottles (enough to last all year) are just $16.95.  I LOVE (with a great big puffy heart) soak and use it every time I wash all my delicates, not just the knitted ones.

We also have some ideas for things you can knit up quickly and don’t forget that it isn’t too late to fill our your wish list or buy Gift Certificates for the knitters in your life.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Knitting Fairy!