December 28, 2009

Christmas Revealed

The stockings are empty, the wrappings all torn.

It’s time to reveal what was knit to be worn!

I didn’t knit for many this holiday, it’s been one of those busy years here at ChezFairy, but I thought you might enjoy seeing what I did knit for my niece and nephew.

Image3Kallista requested a hot pink and black hat.  What hat would be complete without a pair of matching fingerless gloves? Right, so Auntie Lissa whipped these right up! I used a skein each of Kraemer Perfection Onyx and Butterfly.  She called and thanked me, so I think they were a hit.  The are so cleverly modeled by Meagan, being as Kallie was in far off Ohio.

Image2Holden doesn’t talk yet, so he didn’t get to make a request.  I fell in love with this pattern from, their Sock Bunnee.  I knit him in a skein of Regia sock yarn and used some random white stuff for the accent.  I am told the bunnee’s name is Oswald and that Holden is very fond of him.  I also sent him a great book called “The bunnies won’t stay in their beds” which he and Grandpa have been reading together.

My husband didn’t even laugh (though he did smile) when I said I was going to start knitting for NEXT Christmas already.  Smart man.