June 22, 2013

Carding Classes

Mary has decided that next weekend is a great time to offer some carding classes! Ever wonder what goes into working with fleece? Wish you knew more about how to use cards? Drum carders? Blending? Next Saturday is your day!

Working with fleece – 2.5 hours – class limit 3
Learn some basics of working with and processing your own fleece. The last part of class, students will have access to a drum carder to work on carding fleece that they have brought. Realistically, students probably won’t be able to card more than 3-5 ounces during class.
Teacher will bring an electric carder to class and each student will get a few minutes to use the electric carder
Students should bring their own fleece to class if they want to work on processing the last half of class. Fleece must have been washed!!! No greasy fleece allowed on carders. Alpaca must have been picked (opened up either with a picker or by hand so that a lot of dirt has been removed) or washed prior to using on carders
Cost $25
Kit fee $15 (optional) If student wants 4 ounces of fleece to process in class cost will be $15. Will likely be either undyed kid mohair, alpaca, or rambouillet (instructor’s choice based on what is on hand)

Saturday, June 29th 10am to 12:30pm

Drum carding basics – 3 hours – class limit 3


Learn basics of blending colors and fibers on a drum carder. Will discuss various types of carders and their
uses. Will use various fibers, colors and some texture. Part of the class will be instruction and demo, part of
the class the student will get to card their own batts using colors and fibers of their choosing until the end of
class time.

Cost $30

Kit fee $5 per ounce of teacher provided fiber that student uses in class (optional) – Student may bring 4-6
ounces of their own fiber to card provided that it has been washed. No greasy fleece.

Saturday, June 29 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Call the shop today to reserve your spot. (214)412-2889