July 12, 2012

And the fun goes on…

We had SUCH a blast tonight! For those who did not make it out, don’t forget- we’ll have Brooks Farm through the weekend and I hear there might be CAKE on Saturday.
For those who were here, Betty Kay has generously shared her cheese ball recipe.

Betty Kay’s Much in Demand Cheese Ball
equal parts of smoked Gouda and SHARP cheddar (both grated)

In a food processor:
For a Cheese Ball – Mix w/ softened cream cheese until it will “ball up”. If needed, add a bit of mayonaise to make it “workable.”
Roll into a ball – roll in chopped nuts.

For a Cheese Spread – mix cheeses w/ mayo, omit cream cheese. You can add pimentos, olives, nuts – whatever. Serve as a dip or spread.

– Betty Kay Seibt