Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

It’s hard to believe when it  is 84 degrees outside like yesterday that a single cold front can plunge our temperatures so rapidly, but as they say, “Winter is coming”. Allison and I were musing over upcoming projects and our love of wee things, holiday fun, and mini skeins and came up with a knit-along that we are going to be doing together this November.  Sound like fun? Well, you are invited to join us!  We are making a garland of tiny, colorwork mittens that you can use as a garland, wreath decorations or as ornaments on your tree. Each mitten is just 2 1/2″ by 4″ (or there abouts) and is perfect for using scraps of fingering weight or our Fairy Tales yarn.  The pattern is available in store (we will sell it and put it in your Ravelry Library and email you the link) or on Ravelry for direct purchase and we are happy to help you along in this project.  We will be officially starting on November 1st, but really you can jump in any time.  You can come in any time for a quick tutorial on working the Latvian Braid, which is used on the cuff of each mitten.  You do NOT have to be in the store to work along with us at all.  Just post your progress on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the hashtag #fairyadventmittens so we can all play along together.

Our friends at St. Barnabas are holding a raffle for a beautiful Mandala Afghan. This is handmade, machine wash and dry. Tickets for the raffle are $2 each or 6 for $10. All proceeds benefit St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Denton, Texas. St. Barnabas uses that money for outreach efforts such as a food pantry, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, hospice grief support group, and others. Raffle tickets are available at Knitting Fairy Thanksgiving weekend and the week after. The drawing will be in mid-December.

There is still time to see and purchase art from the Knitting Fairy’s husband, Brad.  He will have artwork for sale from his Fantasy and Texas collections. You can also contact him through his website:

Fall Classes Online

Fall is upon us! The new class schedule is available with several popular classes returning and some new ones by demand.

Don’t see something you like? Call us at 214-412-2889 and let’s see if we can make one for you.

Knitting Fairy Classes

Fairy Tales Hand Dyed Yarn - A KnittingFairy Exclusive!

Fairy Tales 3394 Cover

Once upon a time, a long time ago, two friends were on a road trip and, as friends are wont to do they began building sky castles while they drove.  A small part of the conversation went something like this:

(Betty Kay) “You know what you need, Fairy? You need a store exclusive yarn!”

(Fairy) “Yeah? That sounds like fun.  We should have an entire range of colors, like the best box of crayons EVER!”

(Betty Kay) “Yes, and you should come up with a catchy name for it… something to tie in with the shop… how about Fairy Tales?!”

And thus, somewhere between here and there the idea began to grow. As the friends traveled, they made up lists of colors and color ways and projects that all could be made with these imaginary yarns. Socks, hats, cowls, baby sweaters and shawls all seemed to be knitting in front of their eyes (the landscape was pretty dull, these daydreams were really just in self defense!)

Fast forward a couple of years…

One day, while working away in her yarn shop back home, another friend overheard Fairy telling someone else about these dreams and thought “I could do that!” and so MORE sky castles began to appear as Fairy and her other friend began to make plans for colors and weights and skeins.

Present day…

We are so VERY THRILLED and proud to announce the release of our VERY OWN SHOP EXCLUSIVE YARN!!! Dyed here in Texas by Safronie Skeins, available in an ever growing selection of colors (90 at last count). Each of our 18 colorways is available in 5 gradient shades of fingering weight, sold individually in 76 yard mini skeins of 100% Superwash Merino today, our eventual plans are to have every color also available in 100 gram skeins as well.  One thing at a time, be patient!  Today you can shop all 91 (we have white too) colors and dream up your own projects or be inspired by our idea board to try something new. Stay tuned as we continue to develop our plans and ideas, you just never know where the power of imagination can take you!

Help Us Help You


Do you need help in meeting a crafting resolution. We are happy to help. Just let us know what you want us to teach and we will get it onto the schedule. It’s that easy! Call 214-412-2889 to request a class.


Are  you, or someone you know, wanting to learn HOW to knit or crochet? Did you know that our How-to beginners classes are FREE? Just come in any day we are open and we would love to get you started knitting or crocheting. All we ask is that you purchase your supplies from us. 


We know that you have a choice in where you purchase your crafting supplies and we are deeply honored that you choose to shop with us. Thank you.