Erin Lane Trunk Show


Erin.Lane Bags is coming back to Knitting Fairy for a trunk show!

They’ll be bringing all of their hand-sewn items, like project bags and needle cases, including the new viewfinder series of project bags and more!

Come see the new line of Sheeple items, made from Erin.Lane’s first custom line of fabrics. You won’t be able to decide which Sheeple is your favorite. 

Erin.Lane is all about organization for the real world.  Everything adjusts because no two knitters are the same, and everything is washable because sometimes life is messy; you should be able to clean it up. We want to provide you with organization that works no matter where you are making or what you are making.  You shouldn’t have to spend time hunting down your tools, you should just be able to sit down and enjoy your craft. 

Come get organized September 26-30, visit with Lindsey, and shop her latest designs. 

Sea Purls Cruise 2017

Knitting Cruise Cozumel Mexico Carnival Triumph

The time to make your deposit is running out. If you would like to join us for Sea Purls 2017 make sure you get your deposit in!

Join us for Sea Purls 2017 and enjoy four days with a great group of knitting enthusiasts, family and friends! We will sail from Galveston to Cozumel on the Carnival Liberty on Thursday 3/02/17 at 4 PM. We will have a day at sea on Friday 3/03, visit Cozumel on Saturday 3/04, have another day at sea on Sunday 3/05 and arrive back in Galveston at 8:30 Monday morning 3/6.

Our knitting workshop as well as some optional workshops will take place during our two days at sea.  We plan on two hours of workshop instruction during the morning of each day at sea and another 2 hours during the afternoons at sea for a total of eight hours of knitting instruction and assistance. We were able to keep the cost of the Workshop this year at $150, just like last year. That cost includes instruction, yarn, pattern and a bag full of goodies.

Pricing for the cruise is less than last year! $478/person for an interior cabin; $508/person for an Ocean View room; and $608 – $628 for a balcony. These prices include taxes and port fees. All it takes to reserve a room is to register and provide a credit card deposit of $150/person by September 30, 2016. This deposit is fully refundable until December 28, 2016 when full payment is due. Please do not confuse the cruise deposit with the workshop fee. They are two separate charges.

You may register by emailing Sheryl Nudds will send you a short registration form requesting pertinent information, including credit card information. If you have sailed with us previously all Sheryl will need is your credit card information. This year, rather than calling or emailing you for final payment, Sheryl will allow Carnival to automatically debit your credit card. As final payment is due over the Christmas holidays and it will be difficult to reach everyone.

Husbands/significant others/partners/best friends are welcome! They will have plenty to keep them busy while you are at your workshop. Carnival hosts many fun activities like slot machines, black jack lessons, trivia contests, massages, art auctions, and wine tastings . . . something for everyone! And don’t be shy if you are a single traveler. We will be glad to try to match you up with a roommate.

If you have any questions regarding the cruise, or would like a quote for single occupancy, email Sheryl at or call 972-231-9383.

Introducing Fairy Tales Hand Dyed Yarn - A KnittingFairy Exclusive!

Fairy Tales 3394 Cover

Once upon a time, a long time ago, two friends were on a road trip and, as friends are wont to do they began building sky castles while they drove.  A small part of the conversation went something like this:

(Betty Kay) “You know what you need, Fairy? You need a store exclusive yarn!”

(Fairy) “Yeah? That sounds like fun.  We should have an entire range of colors, like the best box of crayons EVER!”

(Betty Kay) “Yes, and you should come up with a catchy name for it… something to tie in with the shop… how about Fairy Tales?!”

And thus, somewhere between here and there the idea began to grow. As the friends traveled, they made up lists of colors and color ways and projects that all could be made with these imaginary yarns. Socks, hats, cowls, baby sweaters and shawls all seemed to be knitting in front of their eyes (the landscape was pretty dull, these daydreams were really just in self defense!)

Fast forward a couple of years…

One day, while working away in her yarn shop back home, another friend overheard Fairy telling someone else about these dreams and thought “I could do that!” and so MORE sky castles began to appear as Fairy and her other friend began to make plans for colors and weights and skeins.

Present day…

We are so VERY THRILLED and proud to announce the release of our VERY OWN SHOP EXCLUSIVE YARN!!! Dyed here in Texas by Safronie Skeins, available in an ever growing selection of colors (90 at last count). Each of our 18 colorways is available in 5 gradient shades of fingering weight, sold individually in 76 yard mini skeins of 100% Superwash Merino today, our eventual plans are to have every color also available in 100 gram skeins as well.  One thing at a time, be patient!  Today you can shop all 91 (we have white too) colors and dream up your own projects or be inspired by our idea board to try something new. Stay tuned as we continue to develop our plans and ideas, you just never know where the power of imagination can take you!

Featured Pattern

Sea Purls 2015 1413
Ix Chel

This pattern was designed as our Knit-A-Long for the Sea Purls 2015 cruise. It begins with a garter-tab cast on and is worked from the top down and ends with an option beaded bind-off. The entire pattern is written and stitch counts are given after every increase row. The pattern offers two blocking options, one as a smooth half-circle and the other features points or “rays”. Nothing is different in the knitting, just in the way it is blocked.

See Pattern
Sea Purls 2015 1409


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We know that you have a choice in where you purchase your crafting supplies and we are deeply honored that you choose to shop with us. Thank you.

Community Events

There are lots of exciting things happening in the DFW area coming up!

Winter Fiber Fun Retreat

Winter Fiber Fun Retreat with Fancy Fibers and Knitting Fairy – February 16-19, 2017

Radisson Hotel in South Ft. Worth

Details Coming Soon

Sea Purls Cruise 2017

Our annual cruise is coming up fast! See above for more information on how to reserve your space today!